Our Services

What You can expect from us

We are a comprehensive advertising agency with full-service functions.

· We offer media planning and buying; television, radio, newspaper, magazine, outdoor billboard, transit poster, newspaper insert, and WEB advertising. We offer competitive prices.

· We provide creative ideas for these media advertisements; TV/radio commercials, print advertisements, and so forth.

· Also, we provide a wide range of communication activities, from planning to execution/production, for such as market research, new product development, various event and promotional activities, brochure and catalogue, POP/merchandising materials, and PR/publicity activities.

We are determined to become a “brand agency”.

· In addition to the wide ranging functions, we provide tailor-made services needed to meet your brand and marketing strategy.

· We are qualified as a marketing oriented/strategic minded full-service agency.

· We can support you in brand management from integrated strategic viewpoints, based on intensive brand strategy, for your communication activities, from above-the-line to below-the-line activities and PR/publicity.

We can provide you with “super effective advertising” from a strategic viewpoint.

· We believe that it is not good advertising if it is not “on strategy” no matter how excellent the creative idea is. However, if the strategy itself is common or conventional, it will never lead to create such outstanding, cutting-edge, effective advertising.

· We always pursue, from various new viewpoints, to explore unique strategy on which basis we develop interesting creative ideas. We aim to achieve “super effective advertising”.

Our AccomplishmentsSome of our successes include



Since its introduction in 1987, Volvic's market share in Japan had increased rapidly and Volvic had been top among imported mineral waters. Nagata Kikaku had been their sole advertising agency for 10 years since their introduction. It is our belief that the promotion helped establish new custom “pay for drinking water” among Japanese consumers and encourage the boom in mineral water sales.

Example of executing production
TV commercials
  • Newspaper Ad
  • Magazine Ad
  • Promotion
    (Outdoor Life Present Campaign)
  • PR Event
    (Summer House)

MacGregor Golf Club

MacGregor Golf Club

MacGregor brand was almost fading out among Japanese golf consumers before their introduction of the innovative new model, MACTEC in 2001. Nagata Kikaku has been their sole advertising agency for 7 years now since the re-launch, providing full-services from TV advertising to promotional events or retail shop decoration. MacGregor has finally revived and now positioned as one of the top brands. It is admired as “miracle revival!”

Example of executing production
  • TV commercials
  • Magazine Ads
  • Newspaper Ad
  • Catalogue
  • Golf Fair Exhibition
  • New Product Trade Announcement
  • Press Conference for New Product Announcement
  • Merchandising Facilities
  • Retail Shop Display

Sumitomo Corporation Suguri-Mai (Selected Rice)

Sumitomo Corporation Suguri-Mai (Selected Rice)

Sumitomo Corporation (Rice Marketing Team) is not merely a wholesaler. They have always been developing “more delicious rice” to market under the brand name “Suguri-Mai”(selected rice).In 2007 they introduced “Obako-no-Takumi”, the prize winner rice at the competition co-sponsored by “JA Akita Obako”,which is highly paid attention both among the trade and consumers. Nagata Kikaku has been involved in branding of the project and total communications activities from developing logo/packaging to advertising/promotion.

Example of executing production
  • Package Design
  • Pamphlet
  • Magazine Ad(Editorial)
  • Magazine Ad(Editorial)
  • Tasting Party
  • Chef:Hiromitsu Nozaki

Universal Home / House construction

Example of executing production
TV commercial(Talent: Kosetsu Minami, folk singer)

Logistic Japon / ECOVER (Environmental cleaner from Belgium)

Example of executing production
  • Leaflet
  • Calendar
  • Catalogues

Mitsui Fudosan Realty (Real Plan Dept.)

Example of executing production
Real Plan News(premium real estate magazine)

ABAB (Department store for young fashion)

Example of executing production
  • Newspaper Insert
  • Poster

Eleven International / CIG (Canadian Icewine Gallery)

Example of executing production
  • Gift package design
  • Magazine Ad(signature)
  • Magazine Ad(editorial)

Chuo Keiba (National Horse Race) PR Center / Web site management

Example of executing production
  • Membership Web Site “Racing Viewer” - production and management
  • “Disc Box”(video library for major races) installed in Horse Race Museum in Tokyo Racecourse - production and management

TOMY Seiko / Precision machinery for medical / biotechnology

Example of executing production
Catalogues in Japanese and English

Eiko Shoji / AG (High class denim from US)

Example of executing production
Pamphlets / Novelties